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Instagram Marketing

Instead offering generic social media services that are supposedly replicable all across, We present Instagram as its specialisation.

Whilst the strategy is not to spread too thinly by trying to focus on all possible social media platforms, We take on clients requesting work on select platforms, should they propose so.

Instagram helps “humanise” the company brand and has a massive appeal the UK population in their 20s and 30s.
• 90% of all Instagram users follow at least one business, and 100% of all users are liable to be targeted with ads as per Instagram terms.
• Targeted ads could be as specific as “30-year-old dog owners in London”, an ad-hoc algorithmic group suitable for business niches and indeed for customers who in turn find products and services to their liking.
• Services include Instagram content management strategy with guaranteed real-person follower leads (rather than bot accounts)

SEO Audit

We provide a full SEO audit service to understand the current state of play for the client’s digital performance: on-page, off-page, mobile / desktop

Auditing allows providing the diagnostics of the digital performance not only for descriptive purposes but also normatively for your company to act on evidence basis in the light of the audit results.

Optionally: in the third and final step of this service, We implement the strategy proposed after consultation with you. This could include revamping certain technical aspects of the website or providing a list of recommendations for the content produced as different choices of words interact with varying levels of success with the search engine algorithms

Yearly SEO Project

We sign a 1-year agreement with customers. After offering a detailed analysis of the website, We set goals and works to increase the traffic of the website with SEO.

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